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It's called retirement "planning" for a reason. Retirement doesn't just happen. It takes careful planning and begins years in advance to your actual date of retirement. Too many people retire, only to realize they weren't financially ready. Too many people end up going back to work. If you want to make sure you're ready for retirement, contact Randall L. Brittain CPA, PC in Macon, GA.

  • 401K and IRA distributions

  • Avoiding tax pitfalls

  • State retirement exclusions

  • Estate planning

  • Education and family college planning

  • Estimated tax payments

Retirement Planning

Over 30 years of experience

Not many companies have been in business for over 30 years. It means we must be doing something right. Our experienced team has seen thousands of changes to individual and business tax codes, so we know what will work best for you. Contact Randall L. Brittain CPA, PC in Macon, GA.

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Timing is Everything


Most people, new to retirement, need to plan the timing of when to stop work, start social security benefits, take distributions from retirement plans and pay off the house or other debt. Having too much income in one year or losing your ability to itemize deductions can cause your tax rates to skyrocket. Let us help you plan the timing of these events so you can keep and enjoy your retirement money!

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